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Push the limits : wear stealth

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Our passion lies in maximising rider safety on the road and off-road. With so many motorcycle helmet brands available it can be confusing firstly which offers better protection, and secondly which is best value for money. Well, the answer lies here.

All motorcycle helmets in North America and Europe need to offer specific levels of protection to the rider, currently these regulations are DOT in USA North America and ECER-2205 in Europe. With such bench marks, the markets are awash with choices of helmet brands and models, all perfectly legal and safe to use. The common misconception however is that more expensive is better ĘC wrong.

Manufacturing techniques, component material quality and product design all influence the overall performance of a product, here is where Stealth excel and aim to deliver performance beyond the minimum standards.

Stringent manufacturing processes and checks guarantee the quality and life cycle of every Stealth helmet sold, matching and outperforming other long-established helmet brands. Take a look at the range, read the testimonials of world class sportspersons, and absorb the findings of independent tests.